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Ragone Family Travel and Adventures

We created this blog to better communicate with friends and family. The blog has evolved into a “digital journal” for our family. We have discovered that blogging our experiences has made more connections and relationships with people that we would have never met without posting online! 

About Us

How this blog started. . . The Ragone Family Grandparents love being a part of our family trips and daily adventures. They want to be a part of our lives and watch our kids grow!

It was very hard for us when we had to move. We communicated daily with them and emailed them regularly with pictures and stories of our daily adventures. Grandpa was much more tech-savvy than Grandma and knew how to open emails. When he passed away we came up with a new solution.

Instead of emailing pictures and stories, we created this blog! Grandma has a shortcut on her desktop that links to this website. This way she can be part of our lives with one click!